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“Would it help if I turned a sad song on?”

May 16, 2009

Having been home now for almost a week and a half, I have had the chance to process the past year of school and what all has transpired since early last year. In general, when I’m talking about the past year, I’m speaking about from when my Pac Sun store closed to the end of this past semester of college. For me, it has been one of those years that I know will influece the rest of my life and I honestly can’t recall so much happening to me in such a short amount of time. I once wrote that I want to be made of sterner stuff, but I think now, after looking back on everything that has transpired, I wish I would have rather wanted the strength to do the things I should have done sooner or to do the things I should have done period.

I get tired of hearing people say that they have no regrets in they’re life. Simply, I think that statement is a lie. I can’t imagine anyone, even Jesus, not wanting at least some events to have transpired differently. I have regrets, and while yes, they have helped to make me the person I am today, I’m not entirely sure that regret is a bad thing. I think of it more as a constant reminder to never repeat the mistake that I once made, whether in decision making, in life, or in love.


“I’m holding on, waiting for your call…”

May 5, 2009

Having a loved one pass away always makes me think about life in general and what I consider to be most precious in life. Over the weekend, the mother of some very dear friends of mine passed away and like I always do when something traumatic happens, I took a moment to just sit in silence and contemplate the event and let it sink in for a moment. No one knows when their time to die is; this makes life all the more precious of a gift, but it is times like this that make me happy to have the faith that I do.

I often wonder how some people can cope with the pain of losing someone randomly and tragically if there is nothing after this life. If we have only one chance at life and everything is just a seemingly random, pointless existence, how tragic then death really is. I love what Paul’s response to the idea of there being nothing after this life, “Eat, drink and be merry, for tomorrow, you may die.”We the faithful know that while death still has the initial shock factor, it has lost its follow through; it no longer has any moxy.

I don’t like saying “good-bye”, for me, it seems so final and so definite. I have had the idea of farewells on my mind today with the recent death of a family friend and the semester coming to a close. I praise God that for most of the people I have been blessed to know in my life, I don’t have to say “good-bye”; I only have to wait a little while to see them again, whether in this life or the next. “So I’ll see you again, just hopefully sooner than later.”