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“Do you feel like a man when you push her around?”

July 22, 2009

So I have had some conflicting thoughts on the fairer sex lately. I seem to have finally gotten past the broken-hearted stage of my last break up, and I’m moving into the irritable, intolerant phase, which I have always known simply as “bitterness”. I’ve been told that healing makes a natural progression this way, but I hate being bitter. I consider it baggage, but at the same time, it is very hard for me to be tolerable to what I refer to as simply as “stupid girl drama”.

Something that makes me more mad however, is when someone is in a relationship and they treat their significant other like dirt. I cannot stand to see guys treat good girls like absolute garbage, especially when good guys would die for the chance to have an awesome girl, yours truly included.

Tonight in Karate class, I stayed after class and worked with some of the ladies on realistic self-defense techniques that they could use if they were ever in a hostile situation. It reminded me that, above all things, I cannot stand the idea of a man hitting a woman; I can’t imagine anything making me angrier than that idea. It is nothing short of cowardess and lacking in anything resembling honor or manliness.

No, no one I know has recently been the victim of some random act of violence, but I think, in some weird way, while I was showing two white belts the ins and outs of how to perform a perfect hip-throw, I let my heart heal a little bit. Somehow, pondering on how strong my desire is to protect my friends, family and loved ones allowed me to move past some of the bitterness and pain that I have been carrying from the last person I opened my heart to.

I think of it like fighting: If you leave yourself open, you’ll get hurt and take too many shots, but if you cover up to much, you can never move forward and take the shot you need to win. That’s why there is always punch-luck…

And now for some random song lyrics…

“I want to be the last first love¬†that you’ll ever have. Lying here beside me with arms and eyes open wide, I want to be your last first kiss.”

“The sun is breaking in your eyes, to start a new day. This broken heart can still survive, with a touch of your grace.”

“Do you feel like a man when you push her around? Do you feel better now as she falls to the ground? Well I tell you, my friend, one day this world’s going to end, as your lies crumble, a new life she has found.”


Viva la revolucion! …not really

July 2, 2009

Over the past week since getting home from Honduras, I’ve had many questions about the trip, not only about the work we did, but also about the military coup that happened right as we left. As I began to type up a blog concerning the subject, I realized that Matt, one of the guys from the trip, had already typed up a pretty good blog summing up our visit to Honduras. I’m going to repost his blog here out of simplicity.

*I give full writing credit to Matt Matthews of Westwood Church of Christ for the following blog =)

So I had the chance to be a part of mission team to Honduras over the last week. We returned to the states on Saturday afternoon, and if you’ve been watching the news, it was about 12 hours before things went really south. We got word that there was a potential coup in the works, and none of what we heard sounded good. So within a couple of hours of getting word it could get bad, we left Gualaco for Tegucigalpa, heading into the hornets nest. In the village where we were people couldn’t care less. But we had to leave that area to get back to the capital, so that we wouldn’t be caught if the roads were shut down…So after 4+ hours of driving through rain, dirt roads, and on back country roads we roll into Tegucigalpa, a city of over 2 million. We passed a total of 12 cars on the way to hotel. 12 CARS. . .THAT’S IT! That made everyone a little nervous, you know how it is when people in a car just get quiet…eerily quiet. We get to the hotel without any events and no protests or problems. We spent the next 36 hours waiting for a plane. Now in the process we got to relax at a 4* hotel, sit in the hot tub, swim a little, eat great food, and do a little souvenir shopping…you know the suffering part of the mission trip!

But on Saturday morning we left the country and once we cleared Honduran airspace there seemed to be a general sigh from everyone on the plane…And then on Sunday everything broke loose. They arrested the President, swore in a new one, and flew the former president to Costa Rica…Was he getting a free vacation? Because within hours he was on international tv, in a nice suit, telling the world how abusive and terrible his arrest was…hmmm, I’m confused. I thought coups, and overthrows were violent, people died, especially leaders at the epicenter of the problems. In a suit, in Costa Rica, on International tv? Wow, someone please come arrest me!!!

Who really knows what’s going on in Honduras? Who are the good guys, and who are the bad guys…I don’t know. I’m pretty sure I don’t like anything that smacks of Hugo Chavez and his antics, and this is the same path that Zelaya is headed down. Maybe, just maybe the international community isn’t really saying what it seems to be saying…put a Chavez-like president back in power? Seriously, he tried to legalize the sale and distribution of narcotics, Cocaine, and Marijuana, saying that they could educate the people on how to manage them, and then he tried to sale the people on the idea of rehab for addicts… Really? Really?? Is that what we want, another trash talking, small army having, drug distributing Napolean in Central America? Let’s hope not!

What the news is not telling you is that Zelaya, former Honduran president, illegally tried to ammend the Constitution of his country as to allow him to stay in as president . The people of Honduras and the Congress overwhelmingly said no to the idea but yet he stubbornly continued forward with his want to continue presidential term, all with the great support of his buddy Hugo Chavez. Why are we as the United States backing his presidency, he is trying to make himself a dictator?

“Promises are what I seemed to be…”

July 1, 2009

Another blog from while I was in Honduras.


It’s Sunday night and I’m exhausted. We did so much today. We woke up this morning and had church with the normal congregation here. I was really impressed with how much Spanish I understood from hearing Pablo, our construction supervisor, speak. We painted the main porch here also, it needed it badly. Afterwards to cool off, we drove to a natural stream not far from the church. Everything about it was gorgeous; the drive there, the scenery and the stream itself were all mind-blowing. Lastly before dinner, we played soccer with some of the locals at a public soccer stadium. For the record, I never claimed to be any good at soccer,¬† just that I like playing it. I can’t believe how good the Coca-cola is here, and since there isn’t much clean water here to drink, I’m going to enjoy only being able to drink Coke.