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The Buffoonization of the American Male.

February 28, 2010

I’ve been sitting pondering on this particular thought for some time. I chose to wait until I could not only be sure that I wasn’t simply overreacting, but so that I could notice the consistency of what I perceived to be a growing trend…

There has been a continuing movement in our country to make men the blunt of all of our jokes. Now, I am certainly not saying that women have ever had it easy by any means, but if it isn’t a commercial about how men never ask for directions or that all men drool at pretty, scarcely-clad women, it’s that every lead, male character on t.v. is an overweight, unintelligent oaf. When did we as a culture decide that it was so wrong to be male or that there ever needed to be a dumb male to be the butt of many jokes?

Seriously, give some thought as to how many times men are shown as being completely incompetent in life, only to be saved by their female counterpart? The Simpsons, Family Guy, Seinfeld, Yes Dear, Grounded for Life, The King of Queens, and an endless slew of commercials just to name a few.

Where did equality of the sexes go? I am offended at it all. I am an intelligent, motivated man, and I find it degrading to have my gender relocated to the point of a buffoon. There is nothing wrong with being a man, nor is it wrong to enjoy things that maybe considered “less-refined”. I don’t like little dogs in purses, I think tabloid magazines a gossipy pieces of trash, I think 300 year old, sparkling vampires are pedophiles for hitting on 16 year old girls, and I don’t think Lady GaGa has innovative fashion sense. None of these opinions moves me back down the social order to the point of caveman.


“all the times you were denied, you have forgiven…”

February 16, 2010

A couple of weeks ago Lipscomb University began a Tuesday night devotion series called, “The Gospel of Sex” where speakers are going to discuss issues of sexuality and intimacy in a straight-forward, yet Christ-centered fashion. They opened this series with several videos which covered a variety of topics, including pornography, homosexuality, sexual abuse and adultery. While sitting in the auditorium of several hundred fellow students, I have to admit that I was reminded of some of my least favorite moments.

A couple years ago, I hated where I was in my life. In my depression, I looked to make myself feel better in the form of physical conquests. It is something that I’m not proud of and during the process, I hurt a lot of people’s feelings and put some scars on my own heart, but I have felt for some time now that God has called me to be open about that time in my life and use it to help influence teenagers and college students for the better. I strongly believe that one of the most important things missing from ministry today is relationship and the ability to connect with your audience, to sound less like you are preaching and more like you are conversing.

As I mentioned earlier, I have had the past on my mind the last couple weeks and from those experiences come some of my more entertaining stories. To be rather forward, most of them are embarrassing, but yet there is a point to the silliness and laughter at my expense; embarrassment and heartbreak are┬áthe kinds of thing that happens when you step out of God’s plan for physical intimacy. God knows what is best for us and this is why He gives us Scripture to follow, not simply as a set or dos and don’ts, but as rules for a better life for yourself and amongst your fellow man.

How awesome is it that God can take the the brokenness and restoration of a person to heal and direct the life of another, to spare them of the same heartbreak. I firmly believe that experience is most often the best teacher, but you cannot argue with the experience of someone who has “been there and done that.”

“You have turned my mourning into dancing…” Psalm 30:11